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Stands for:
B Better
C Comma
S Separated
V Values

BCSV is an effective format for data interchange.

Main Characteristics

BCSV was de­signed from the very start to have the fol­low­ing char­ac­ter­ist­ics:


BCSV has a tabular / table format of rows and columns. As a result it is "schema-full" format

Clear Data

The only data type supported are strings. These are all Base64 encoded with UTF-8 encoding.

Self Describing

The header is always the first row in a BCSV file which intuitively describes the content of the document.


BCSV are plain text files. These may be compressed to save space or bandwidth. Compression is part of the specification.


Converting data to and from BCSV always returns the original data even for binary values (i.e. images)


The simple format allows large files to be splitted in chunks and parsed separately. This allows cheaper or low-spec machines to be used in efficient manner.

No Learning Curve

Keep­ing the specification simple allows anyone to be a BCSV expert in less than 5 minutes.

Programmer Friendly

The algorythm for en­cod­ing/decoding is so simple that in most programming lan­guages no additional libraries are required for basic usage.


Examples may be found below



Use the link below to see the specification

View Specification

Online Editor

Use the link below to open the online editor for BCSV files

Open BCSV Editor